We design and build quality craftmade products from repurposed  and recylced material. Alchemy Design Co. grew from the humble beginnings of a few friends and a front yard in the Cambodian sun. We were lovestruck by the amazing resources available locally and were powerless to do anything but try to make cool stuff. We were troubled by the impacts of deforestation on the environment and people of Cambodia, and wanted to approach creating something lasting while countering the impact of reckless consumption. Initially just a way to make products for ourselves and friends, word got out and Alchemy Design Co. grew into what it is today. We’ve graduated from the home workshop, brought on more talented wood and metal craftspeople, and continue to dream about other fun and improbable ventures.


It's simple. People matter. Earth matters. Design matters. This is what influences and motivates us to design and make high quality, purposeful products with sustainable materials that fit beautifully and simply into life. We believe in making good products that last. Products that add to peoples lives (both in the making and the using), and tread lightly on the planet. Making goods doesn’t have to come at the expense of the planet or the people who make them, and our mission is to act that out in our shop. The way we see it, enjoying life doesn’t come  through having a lot of things, but through having a few good things; friendships, food, wine, and meaningful work. Our designs echo this sentiment, fostering community and space where you can sit, relax, sleep, store things , share food, display memories from home & family, or the products of your business. Our pieces should add to the fun, tell stories in themselves, and grab attention when you or your guests enter the room. They should tell something about you, about your lifestyle and the choices you make.


It’s not just about production, it’s about people. Alchemy Design Co. creates useful and unique products that connect to peoples lives in a meaningful and relevant way. We love robots as much as the next guy, however our products are all handmade by craftspeople who care about the work. Our unique designs feature locally sourced reclaimed wood and other repurposed materials in order to give a distinct look and help the environment. Choosing reclaimed wood reduces the need for cutting down more trees and ideally inspires the creation of new products with otherwise discarded materials. All of our products have hands on approach from the design, to sourcing the material, to the build. This way, we try to make seriously good products, without taking ourselves too seriously


We care about creating amazing things for amazing people. We also care deeply for the people doing the creating. Part of this means striving to make a great work environment for our employees, fostering creativity, individual expression, and collaboration. We are committed to creating local jobs, training staff and giving them every opportunity to flourish. Our team is full of amazing and talented people. We understand that a business is nothing without its people - especially people who careWe are privileged to have some of the best makers and craftsman working in our shop. Meet our team below.