we love making Furniture

At Alchemy Design Co. we create carefully made products from sustainable materials with distinctive styling – all made by some pretty rad people. Check out our existing products, or dream up something completely unique for your space.


Made by hands. Made to last. Human made goods matter to us because of how they impact people on both sides. We want to make lasting products that enhance life for those who use them. And we want to make products in a way that enhances the lives of those doing the making. 


We want our grandkids to inherit a better planet than we have now. This is part of what drives us to use reclaimed, salvaged, and repurposed material for our goods. Recycled and repurposed hardwood, steel, and fabric offer an beauty that's unique to each piece. In our opinion, it's a win-win


 Taking discarded material and transforming it into something new creates a story that engages and excites. Our design hopes to  tell better stories, shoot for something unique, and through the product - enhance life. We focus on the utility of the product to highlight practical beauty