We supply reclaimed tropical hardwood for small residential and large commercial projects. Sourcing wood with Alchemy Design Co means a quality, consistent, and environmentally friendly supply of reclaimed hardwood - delivered to your door. We offer individual and bulk purchasing with delivery and consistent pricing. International orders - no problem.

All of our tropical hardwood is sourced locally in Cambodia from deconstructed buildings, boats, and other structures. The wood is full of beautiful natural character only emphasized by the unique story that comes with each piece. We supply reclaimed flooring, cladding, beams and other milled products as well as basic dimensional reclaimed lumber. Check out our selection of amazing reclaimed hardwood!


Keruing (Chhoeuteal) - Dipterocarpus spp.

White, Red and Dark Red Meranti (Lombor) - Shorea spp

Balau (Phchek) - Shorea Obtusa

Merawan (Koki) - Hopea Odorata

Pyinma Asian Satinwood (Sralau) - Lagerstroemia spp.


1 -2.5 cm thick x 20-26cm wide

3.5-5cm thick x 13-15cm wide

8-15cm thick x 8-15cm wide

9cm thick x 19cm wide

Other species and dimensions can also be sourced upon request!